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Please allow 3 weeks for delivery for Wolltraum orders.

My order is placed with Wolltraum on a Wednesday morning and is currently being delivered to me in approximately 14 days - Shipping time frames are dependant on Fed Ex and customs. Once my shipment has arrived, labels and charms are attached and orders processed. My aim is to get orders posted out the day after the shipment arrives.

Wolltraum is 50% Cotton and 50% Acrylic. The threads are not hand dyed and do not "run" when washed. It's not wool so it's not hand spun from roving.

Hand "spun" means hand wound. Each thread is laid flat together side by side and not twisted as typical yarn is. The number of threads determines the "ply". 3 threads is 3 ply, 4 threads is 4 ply and so on. 3 ply is Lace #0 , 4 ply is Fingering #1-2 and 5 ply is Sock/Sport #3. The threads are then hand winded together to make a bobble.

The color transitions are from the beautiful mind of Rita herself. Each different colour way are wound in a certain way for it to give you your gradient. And that's her little secret 

I consider it "hand made" yarn because she winds it by hand and makes the gradient. It is not done by a machine at a factory. However, unlike your typical sheep wool it's not hand made or hand dyed from scratch.

As you can see you on the site there are numerous and an abundance of colour ways and plies available. It would be near impossible to be able to have each and every colour way size at our fingertips. It's basically a demand and then supply process as a small business within this industry. I have other contracts with other businesses that request a lead time of 5 weeks for certain yarns that are made from scratch. 5 weeks. Rita gives us 5 days. That's unbelievably quick for something so unique and luxurious and sometimes completely custom by your requests.

All the shops try our best to get you your yarns as quickly as possible. We all work effortlessly to achieve that. ALL us shops and their customers only rely on Rita! Without her talent we wouldn't be here today! 

I hope this clarifies any questions you may have. Contact any shop in your country for any more information you may need!