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My Melodyy 3 ply "Diana"


3 ply, 3 colour: amethyst, wool white, purple

Fibre composition: 50% cotton 50% acrylic.

100g -  500m

150g  - 750m

200g  -1000m

250g  - 1250m

300g  - 1500m

500g - 2500m

Please note: Wolltraum 500g cakes do not fit in the weight relevant Australia Post satchels. 1 x cake will fit into a 1kg satchel, up to 3 x cakes fit into a 3kg satchel and 6 x cakes fit into a 5kg satchel please select the appropriate postage satchel.

For further information, please contact me via email or visit my facebook page at

Price is for ONE "bobbel" or cake of yarn.

Please allow 3 weeks delivery for these items.

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