RappelBobbel 3 ply -  Lola Lime (Lola Limette)

RappelBobbel 3 ply - Lola Lime (Lola Limette)

  • $26.50

To keep prices as low as I can, orders are placed with the supplier, in the first week of every month. RappelBobbel only make their bobbels to order, so please keep this in mind when ordering, as it CAN take up to 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. Any further delays are due to the shipping company and customs. Please contact me if you have any concerns.


100g = approx. 535m

The RappelBobbel are all made of 100% high-quality acrylic. The 3-thread yarn is comparable to the 4-thread cotton mix, 4-thread is like the 5-thread cotton mix. The bobbins are hand wound by Natalie with an electric wool winder. The threads are gradually changed to the next colour, resulting in long, soft colour changes. The colour changes result in very small knots, which you can easily incorporate. They can not be seen in the finished work. The threads are not twisted together but lie side by side. Do not worry - even beginners can quickly get used to the yarn. The needle size you choose. I recommend 3 to 6, the bigger the needle or hook size, the looser the finished work. Each RappelBobbel can also be provided with a glitter thread. In addition to the well-known Lurex, I offer cupro (copper sulphide) and viscose mixtures. Please note: The RappelBobbel is always produced only AFTER receipt of orders into production.  All bobbins are specially wrapped for you. RappelBobbel is produced in a smoke-free cat household - please note that it is possible that a cat hair is in the wool. We strive to avoid this but can not guarantee this. The colours may vary due to screen settings. I photographed in daylight, without a flash. Please contact me if you have any questions.